Some of Hamburg‘s finest cultural institutions free of charge. How and why?

Freikarte is a welcome gift for your start of studies. For first and second semester students  who start their second semester in winter. From us to you. So: a very warm welcome to all of you!

What to do with the Freikarte? You have access admission free to several museums and theatres of our city from 1 November until 28 February . There is no obligation and you can visit as often as you like. Whether you like to relax after a long day at University or start the weekend before you go out and party, visit a theatre with some friends – it is all possible with Freikarte.

Your lecture has been cancelled? No problem because you can visit the museum for an hour. You have a date but no idea where to go? Theatre, artwork, painting, design, history, fashion, installation, sculpture, photography, film, music and more….!

Exclusively, from us to you!

Freikarte – at a glance

  • Valid from 1 November until 28 February
  • Valid only with your name completed on the card and in connection with your student ID
  • At the museum: show your  Freikarte – there: ready to go!
  • At the theatre: due to limited seats the principle applies ‘first-come first-served’. From 30 minutes before show start you can get a theatre ticket presenting your Freikarte at the theatre counter. But only while tickets last. And please note: Premieres and special events are not included!  The calendar of events can be found here.
  • Important: Elbphilharmonie allows you to book only online but 14 days ahead of the show. Thalia Theater, Staatsoper and Schauspielhaus offers you to book online 24 hours before a show. Booking code is: FREIKARTE2022
  • Note: If you cannot find an event or an institution you desire on our website, it means that we do NOT have any free access to it. So don’t go to the venue to insist on free tickets please! Thank you.

The idea behind it

The project “Freikarte– 100% culture for the start of studies” is a new method of conveyance to introduce local museums and theatres to Hamburg’s universities and their new students and to find a strong and lasting binding between them.

Freikarte– more than just an entrance ticket

At the beginning of the new term all students of the first and second semester of all participating universities will receive the Freikarte in combination with their student Ids. The card is the key to all projects on offer and allows the first and second semesters (currently around 20 thousand) free entry to every participating cultural institution for a limited time of four months to discover and enjoy the events on offer.

The idea behind the Freikarte is to present the students a positive first contact with the cultural landscape of Hamburg from the beginning so that they might happily  return during their studies and even afterwards to include culture into their lives. So this concept melts students and cultural institutions into one and emphasises Hamburg’s cultural metropolitan strategy.

A detailed and concomitant offer of information for young people

Our form of communication is constantly changing. Especially the emerging generation shows us a radical change of the usual communication channels and procurement of information. From the initial offer conventional communications are aimed at the end-user. Authentic communication turns the end user into the messenger. Applying this principle is the central goal of the concept. To this end, not only ‘legacy’ media, such as a brochure to accompany the ticket are employed, as well as the new social media channels such as Facebook, in order to exchange information. But, above all, in order to reap the benefits of viral networking, the central destination is the interactive website

Additional offer for content delivery

Building on these foundations, we want to develop or promote in conjunction with institutions and other partners, a situation in which this target group is able to identify with our goals, so we can speak directly to this audience and to create the groundwork for a long-term relationship. Within the framework of the project we want to put a number of new formats to the test.

Do you have questions, suggestions, improvement proposals or praise for us? Then please contact us!


How do we go about privacy?

The distribution of the Freikarte takes place solely through our partner universities and without disclosure of information of the student data- set to third parties. E.g. if you contact us in order to receive a replacement ticket we can ensure you that we will handle your personal information with privacy.  After checking your verification and your qualification for the Freikarte, we will send you your replacement ticket and will destroy all personal information.

Why haven’t I received the Freikarte (yet)?

a) The Freikarte is still on its way to you? Some of our partner universities send out the Freikarte a bit later or hand them out during orientation phase. When in doubt, please wait until the second week of October before you contact us.
b) Correct address? Did you state an old address during enrollment and did you have to move after? It is possible that the Freikarte arrived at your old address. Please check before contacting us.
c) Have you been studying in Hamburg for a while? Die Freikarte is only valid for first and second semesters (Bachelor and Master). Students who already have been studying for a while are not eligible for the Freikarte .
d) You don’t study in Hamburg? To participate and obtain the Freikarte you must be a student beginner and signed in at officially recognised Universities of Hamburg. And you still didn’t receive Freikarte ? In this case you can get a replacement ticket from us. Please send a prepaid reply envelope (with a 90 cent stamp) and a copy of your Identity Card and Student ID (your semester should be evident) to:


T&M Verlag GmbH
z.Hd. Prof. Christoph Meier-Siem
Bilserstrasse 11-13
22297 Hamburg


Liebe Studierende,

wenn Ihr Eure Freikarte noch nicht erhalten habt, wendet Euch bitte an Euren AStA.

Dear Students,

if you haven't recieved your Freikarte yet please contact your AStA.