Deichtorhallen Hamburg 27.12.2022 - 30.12.2022, 11:00 Uhr Beachte bitte, dass Du nur bis zum 28. Februar umsonst mit der Freikarte diese Veranstaltung besuchen kannst.


Starting on November 25, 2022, French artist Alix Marie and U.S. photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya will present two artistic positions at PHOXXI, the Temporary House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, that use a variety of artistic methods to explore the human body, origin, and gender.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya (b. 1982, San Bernardino, CA) is an artist working in photography whose projects weave together histories and possibilities of portraiture, queer and homoerotic networks of production and collaboration, and the material and conceptual potential of blackness at the heart of the medium. Techniques of collage, layering, fragmentation, mirror imagery explore the complex nature of photographic production while relocating the relationships between artist and portrayed to the center of art making.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Deichtorstraße 1-2
20095 Hamburg

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Hamburger Kunsthalle 27.02.2024 - 29.02.2024, 10:00 Uhr FIGUR UND LANDSCHAFT zur Veranstaltung

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